Monday, November 15, 2010

Sad news :(

So.... avoiding blogging much? yes. Reason? I, Jourden Elisabeth DeWitt, am moving home. Chloe thought it was my job to tell.. but I didn't want to. So i didn't!

All in all it is a good things, i have zero money and i need to save some up so i can go to Miss Utah and actually have a wardrobe! And i can get out of debt this way from my student loan. which will be awesome. I am excited.  So yeah, mostly just financial reasons why i am doing it. Besides the fact that i never ever get anything done when i have such a great/funny/awesome room mate!

These are the reasons why I will miss Chloe:
1. She still loves me even though I start every story with "I was reading the other day and..."
2. We both like chocolate.. A LOT
3. When i am angry she says weird things that make me laugh
4. We have the same life
5. We have these random nights when neither of us want to work but we try so hard and end up saying AWESOME things at twelve while sitting in front of our computers
6. She doesn't kill me when I comment on everything she says when she is on the phone
7. I have started to talk like her... what is going to happen to my vocabulary now?
8. She is the best best friend anyone could ever have and when we were little whenever my heart was sad she always gave me big hug and listened and made everything all better :)
10. She wakes me up since my alarm is incapable
11. 90 percent of her body language is made up of body rolls
12. She can dance like Brittney Spears
13. She is super nice/sweet/funny and i can talk to her about anything! ( there are no examples here... lots of TMI haha)
14. ... Mostly i just love her :)

Chloe! I love you!

I will miss you!

But, no one worry. we will still be best friends for forever.

The new girl who is moving in is named Chandler. She is super nice! All my room mates will like her i know it.

Also, Chloe's dad, that reeses mix was the best $2 you ever spent. ever.

Love,  Jourden


  1. Jourden - I don't know you - but if you and Chloe are the same person, then I'm sad. Hope the blog continues :)

  2. Hey let me know when Miss Utah is. I want to come support you!