Monday, November 15, 2010

I forgot :)

Reason 13.5

"Who likes shirts?"

* in order to make sense of this comment read post below :)

Sad news :(

So.... avoiding blogging much? yes. Reason? I, Jourden Elisabeth DeWitt, am moving home. Chloe thought it was my job to tell.. but I didn't want to. So i didn't!

All in all it is a good things, i have zero money and i need to save some up so i can go to Miss Utah and actually have a wardrobe! And i can get out of debt this way from my student loan. which will be awesome. I am excited.  So yeah, mostly just financial reasons why i am doing it. Besides the fact that i never ever get anything done when i have such a great/funny/awesome room mate!

These are the reasons why I will miss Chloe:
1. She still loves me even though I start every story with "I was reading the other day and..."
2. We both like chocolate.. A LOT
3. When i am angry she says weird things that make me laugh
4. We have the same life
5. We have these random nights when neither of us want to work but we try so hard and end up saying AWESOME things at twelve while sitting in front of our computers
6. She doesn't kill me when I comment on everything she says when she is on the phone
7. I have started to talk like her... what is going to happen to my vocabulary now?
8. She is the best best friend anyone could ever have and when we were little whenever my heart was sad she always gave me big hug and listened and made everything all better :)
10. She wakes me up since my alarm is incapable
11. 90 percent of her body language is made up of body rolls
12. She can dance like Brittney Spears
13. She is super nice/sweet/funny and i can talk to her about anything! ( there are no examples here... lots of TMI haha)
14. ... Mostly i just love her :)

Chloe! I love you!

I will miss you!

But, no one worry. we will still be best friends for forever.

The new girl who is moving in is named Chandler. She is super nice! All my room mates will like her i know it.

Also, Chloe's dad, that reeses mix was the best $2 you ever spent. ever.

Love,  Jourden

Monday, October 25, 2010


we carved punkins tonight for fhe. it was swell.

fhe group!

joe's tree of life/iron rod.

andrew's angel of moroni on one side...

oh boy. playgirl?

mostly we love tara for her costumes.


Brad: "Is it bad that whenever I am with you I try to say things that will end up on the blog?"


Andrew: "Did BYU just honor code you?

Tyson: "You ate carrots... with ranch?"
Chloe: "No, hummus. Do you know what that is?"
Tyson: "... is it from Lord of the Rings?"
Chloe: "What? No..."

Colton: "I'm a braco!"

Friday, October 22, 2010

jourd :)

Jourden DeWitt is number one. She is basically the best roommate anyone could ask for, and I kinda like her. Here are just a few reasons I keep her around :)

-We are the same person/have the same life.

-She says funny things in the morning when I am getting ready for work. Half the time I have no idea if she is really awake or not.

-She has a weird brain which = funny quotes. Usually I have no idea where her thought processes come from. Yesterday in the middle of doing her science homework she looked over and said "Chloe, why do all dancers have big butts except for you?"

-She is honest. (see above quote)

-Jourden is probably the nicest person in the entire world!

-She puts up with my obsession of songs, bad dancing, and doesn't smack me for saying "Who likes shirts?" every five minutes. Sometimes I think she secretly loves it.


-She has started to talk like me. "I didn't want to go and be like what up! I don't know your name!"

-I can tell her anything and trust her completely. Jourd has the best advice in the world.

-She has big muscles.

love you baby jourd. every day. can't wait to live next to each other for the rest of our lives!

Monday, October 18, 2010

who likes backpacks?

Answer: Not us.

Buckle up kids. This story is ridiculous!

So it all begins last Saturday... Tyson and Colton came down to good ol P town! They drove down together on Colton's motorcycle! Cute huh? (We are telling you this for a reason, not just to embarrass them)

We decided to make chicken, but we had done the self cleaning thing on our oven, so after waiting for over an hour for the oven door to unlock we gave up. We put the chicken in the fridge and decided to hit up Mickey D's on the way. Oh! Our destination was the hot pots! There are natural hot springs in Provo Canyon that we desired to experience. So we drove there and got super lost, but after asking drunk guys at a gas station, a random spanish speaking man in a minivan, and teenagers also heading that way, we found it!

They were hot! And they were pots! It was an interesting experience. Tyson and Colton had their swimsuits in Colton's backpack, which got left on top of the car while we were in the hot pots. After we were done sitting in scalding water, we headed back to BYU. We were just pulling onto the highway out of the canyon after Jourden made a very illegal manuever when we see flashing police lights behind us... This is where the story takes off.

The cop was probably the nicest guy in the entire world. Jourden's front headlight was out, and after checking her license and registration he just smiled at us and told her to fix it and told us to have a good night! Lucky ducky didn't even see Jourden driving like a crazy person. This was blessing #1.

We were all starving by this time because we never had chicken/dinner/chicken for dinner, so we hit up McDonald's. Fun fact:  Cinnamelts are DELICIOUS! Tyson ordered them and then we ordered them again and then one more time just for funsies. Real good.

12:30 AM: After McDizzles we pulled into the Heritage parking lot, and Colton went to grab his backpack so that he and Tyson could be on their way. Great news! It was on top of the car when we left Midway. It had his iPod, keys, phone and camera chargers, gloves, and other stuff... so off we headed back to the hot pots. Almost an hour later we arrived there again. Tyson and Colt searched all over the parking lot for the backpack, but it was gone. We started driving down the road and we saw a glove in the middle of the street! And a few more feet down there was another glove! It would appear that whoever picked up the backpack was going through it and throwing stuff out the window.

We got Colton's gloves, and farther down the road the backpack was sitting on a cement barrier with everything in it except for his iPod. Blessing #2!!

Off we were again! We stopped to go potty at a gas station. It was late, but miraculously none of us were tired. Especially Jourden, who was driving. We were pretty alert for it being almost two in the morning. Eventually we got back to our apartment, and Tyson and Colton decided they just wanted to drive back rather than finding somewhere else to sleep and then going back in the morning.

Jourd and I crawled into bed at 3 am, and I was just getting into sleep mode when Jourden's phone started ringing. "Hey Colt!"
"Jourd, my motorcycle just broke down."

I just started laughing... this night truly was never going to end. Colton's chain had come loose, and it was making clicking noises when Tyson turned back and saw sparks shooting out. They pushed it off the freeway to a gas station right off an exit.

3 am DRIVING! YEAH! The lady at the gas station was super nice, and she let Colton keep his bike there overnight. So Jourden and I just decided that we would be going home to Herriman/South Jordan because we were not driving back to Provo on top of everything else. Oh, and did we mention we have 8:30 church? So I texted my great pal Josh and asked if he could teach our Sunday School class for me :) he is a champ.

4:20 am- arrive at Hyde residence. Leave family a note on the counter telling them I am asleep in my room.

1 PM - roll out of bed!

Moral of the story... backpacks and motorcycles lead to eventful evenings! Understatement of the year.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just some quote-sies.

We slack on blogging. But it just means we are doing our homework. We have lots of stories that we will update Chlourden with soon.

In the meantime... feast on these quotes.

P.S. We love Bobbi! & Josh.


Jourden: "Put on a drinking beer song. I'm in the mood." 

(Disclaimer: Jourd likes weird country beer songs. But not really drinking. We go to BYU.)

Chloe: "I love falling asleep to the smell of chicken."

Colton: "I HATE SATAN!"

Papa Gar: "Don't say things like that, it will end up on Chloe's blog."

"How much cake would Jesus eat?" -American Heritage

(After a slightly inappropriate comment from a RM who has been home for three weeks) Chloe: "I feel like you've been waiting two years to say that."

Jourden: "I think my toast is cold..."
Tara: "That's why you wear socks!"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when it rains.... it POURS!

Hi Mom! We're updating our blog now.... did you miss us?

Okay. First off... Holy rain fest! It has been raining lots and lots!

So, Jourden has this nack for losing her keys. And everything else. It isn't much of a talent. On monday night she decided to go skate boarding and somewhere inbetween setting on it and riding it that way falling off everytime it went fast her keys fell out of her pocket. So She, Chloe, and Chazz spent the night circling those two blocks (ish) and they didn't turn up. after a series of phone calls (every day) and relooking multiple times they have not turned up. SO we will be starting a fund for the fine Jourden has to pay her building to get a new key. (It's only $30.. but hey we are in college!)

Story number two. Monday night Jourd and I are sitting at our desk just doing our homework, or facebook... sometimes they turn into the same thing. Anyways, Jourden suddenly asks "Hey! When does the bookstore close?" in a serious voice. Chloe: "Nine! Why?" Jourden looks distracted for a second... "Well, I really need some chocolate." Hi i'm Chloe and I never turn down chocolate. So we decided to go after FHE and get some. Fun fact: the book store closes at six for FHE. Only at BYU. So we ended up going to the creamery and Jourden got a Snickers and I got dirt in a cup! Yes! My mom made it for mine or Alexander's birthday when I was five probably. I loved it. Chocolate = success.


cup of dirt.


Chloe: "Don't you care about my hips?"