Monday, August 30, 2010

what up cougars!!!! (not like the older women way)

Well... here we are. Brigham Young University. First day of college... who woulda thought we would get into college?? JK Mom. Not only have we already cooked our own meals, we have actually gone to class! Oh the class experiences we have had... Jourden went to her very first college class only to find out it was an advanced pre med class where they made fun of freshman and takled about getting into medical school. Thoughts about the class. "I'm a freshman, I am not going to med school, and i hate college." But it got better. AKA Jourden and Chloes dance class adventure.

DANCE CLASS ADVENTURE = We found all of our classes last night, and we felt confident in this righteous decision. After both of our classes got over at 2, we had half an hour before ballet started so we decided to pop over to the Cougar Eat to get lunchy. Teriyaki Stix was a semi short line... FALSE. They ran out of Chow Mein. Dumb. So we were running to the Richards Building wearing skirts (we both have work) and shoving down Chinese food down our throats. We couldn't find our class and literally walked around the entire building. Then we pulled out every paper and map in our back packs and of course the ballet studio was the one part of the building we hadn't been to... fine it was still in the same place it was last night. Whatevs. Class had started, so we poked our heads in "Hi we are Jourden and Chloe, we are late but we are here, and we are going to go change now." Teachers expression: What?

Basically there was only a single person bathroom. No further details to be disclosed.
It was fun!!!!


Joe: there is a small piece of plymouth rock left because people keep stealing chunks of it.
Chloe: That's like stealing George Washington!

"How many of these are you going to use?"

Also I (Jourden) Almost nose dived my chair and body in to Chloe's lap in the process of blogging. It is dangerous business.

Peace out girl scouts!


  1. College can be a dangerous place, what with those single stall bathrooms, cafeterias and single men. You better watch out, I tell you!

  2. hope you are having fun! say hi to russ if you see him!

  3. Yay! hope your friendship can tolerate living together!

    Jk... I know as well as you do that it can and will.