Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know you're at BYU when...

A) Everyone in your science class is married.

B) The girl in front of you is googling crock pot recipes in class.

C) There is a sign in the girls bathroom that says "Please be courteous of nursing mothers."

Bronco Mendenhall came into the ID Center today!! (Chloe's job) He looks even cooler in real life. Also we found out today that we have front row seats today for the Washington vs BYU football on Saturday! YES!!!

We ate at the Cannon Center for dinner after ballet and pointe class!

She eats hamburgers upside down.



Daniel talking to Chloe after a 26 year old hit on her at work... "Chloe you just have to accept that you are attractive to boys on campus and start flirting back."

"It smells like sweet B.O.!" -Jourden Elisabeth DeWitt


  1. Hahaha! Sounds like just the beginning of a wonderful, crazy first year of college! Best of luck to both of you cute girls!! And yes, those college boys are going to fall fast and hard for both of your beautiful faces!! :)

  2. You are both cute and amazing! I want to hear more!