Wednesday, September 15, 2010


... the number of steps we walk every day. Fun fact: The stairs to get to the Richards Building have 101 steep stairs. Going  to ballet every day, we take 202 stairs. That must be the reason my calves are getting so big I can't get my pants on and off?

Story of the day: This morning Chloe was leaving for work way too early (aka 7 ish) and Jourden rolls over in bed and says "good morning Chloe!" and she holds her hand out and says "Here's your phone!" I looked down at my phone in my hand... "What???" Jourden: "Oh wait. I dreamed I had your phone. Have a good day! Love you!" "hahahaha love you too jourd. Go back to sleep."

Later we were talking about how funny this actually was. I was half asleep also, but apparently Jourden has very realistic and vivid dreams. About my cell phone. We don't judge :)


Jourden: "I want to be like her when I am pregnant."
Chloe: "I want to be like her when I'm not pregnant."

Said in unison...
Jourden: "I need to stop eating."
Chloe: "I need to work out."

Random boy outside Joseph Smith Building "Sam Wise would do it with me!" 


  1. Love it! Chloe thinks she needs to work out after two hours of dance every day and 202 steps? Jourden stop dreaming and get some sleep! Love you:-)

  2. Quote of my day: If I hadn't woken up, I'd still be asleep. Jourden, I feel your pain!