Thursday, September 16, 2010

happy campers.

Sara: "Jourden have you and Chloe gotten in a fight yet?"
Jourden: "No, Mom!"
Sara: "Wow you guys are good!"

We're so good! The goodest. But we probably aren't allowed to say that because we are in college, and it's not a real word.

Good news! WE COOKED! Today for dinner we made penne pasta and delicious chicken.

Also is the man of Whitney Hall #236 is Jourden DeWitt. Our disposal has been broken this whole week and she fixed it!!! She had to stick her hand down the drain and pulled out a huge chunk of hair... yeah why is there hair is the kitchen drain? (Mom it's not mine I promise!) Jourden is going to be such a great wifey.

We have had a substitute teacher in ballet this week and she is amazing! She is also five months pregnant and whenever she dances full out I feel like her water is going to break. Anyways, she is actually somewhat of a challenging teacher. We did double frappes for the first time since being in college. Also we jumped and it was so great! Angela if you read this... We miss you a lot. You are the best teacher ever ever ever.


Chloe: "Your brain is a weird place." (reference to Jourden's brain)

Jourden: "Sometime I feel like I'm dating a 12 year old girl."

Lady at Stake Relief Society Meeting: "We didn't tell you what the name of this lesson was because we knew you wouldn't come if we did."
FYI: We were told it was called Steadfast and Immovable. We got there and discovered it was about hemlines and cleavage.


  1. I love you guys!!! You ARE good!

  2. Gross about the hair. Yum about the food. Domestic Divas BYU is producing!!!