Monday, September 27, 2010

naps are for college kids.

first of all.... shout out to our only faithful commentee, Bobbi Lee! cough cough everyone else :)

well... it's been a few days! here's what cha missed.
1) chloe is applying for study abroad to LONDON :) :) :) spring semester. april 27-june 11
2) jourden got a dog! and she is obsessed. Only Cuz It's the cutest dog ever on the planet.
3) byu lost :(
4) elder kordsiemon is off to everett! chloe's family is from good ol everett, washington! hence everett gerald robert hyde's name! and my grandpa is the ward mission leader there. taylor did an amazing job at his farewell.
5) mama ging got called as the yw president in chloe's home ward! as if being in grad school and being everett's mother wasn't keeping her busy enough. president mama ging!
6) chloe walked into our room today to find jourden passed out in her bed at 5 pm. chloe decided to follow jourden's example and take a little nappy... four hours later here we are.
7) baby there's a shark in the water.
8) Jourden left her phone charger in good old Hairy Man. Cross you fingers that it has a long life this time.
9) RHS is the best! homecoming week was great. Jourden loved being a super senior!

story of the day: chloe didn't work today so she got to sleep in! jourden had class early though, and i swear that girl is the worst at waking up/hearing alarms. so last night she set three alarms on her phone. the first one goes off for a solid minute and jourd doesn't even flinch. it wakes chloe right up. ten minutes later, the second one goes off, louder. jourden still doesn't move. chloe is wide awake. third alarm goes off so chloe barely whispers "jourd!" jourden: "huh?" chloe: "your alarm is going off."

hahaha of course she can sleep through the loudest alarm in the world. she is just sensitive to the sound of chloe's voice.

text of the day: Chloe, I can't believe you're not married yet. What gives? Did you get in an accident and become deformed? Wow thats awful...

thank you Chad Mikolyski.

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  1. I got props! You just made my day so much better. And naps are the new awake. Didn't you hear?