Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Jourden: "It smells weird in here (kitchen)."
Tara: "Yeah it does..."
(Chloe awkward dancing in the background)
Jourden: "It smells like rotten fruit!"
Tara's eyes get really big, she marches to the cupboard, and turns around with a bag of moldy pears.
Yes, they had been in there since we moved in. A month ago.

We love Tara :)


"Speaking of things that are against the honor code..." -Jourden

"My knee brace looks like a garment line." -Jourden

"Stop trying to make me jealous with cells." -Chloe

Random boy walking behind Chloe "Hey see ya later!  I have to go floss! I've been craving it all day."

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  1. I always have to floss after I eat pears. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING is against the honor code.