Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our new layout is cutes magoots! Riiight? Yeah!

So the other day Jourden was at work and before you can call anyone you have to dial 91... so Elicia ( the girls she works with) was like okay the number is 1-800-.... so Jourden dials 911800. The university police thing comes up on the screen so she hangs up mega fast and pretends like nothing happened. And then they started callling back. So she told Elicia what happened and she answered the phone and told them it was an accident. Yup. Second time. Once at four years old and once at eighteen. Accidents happen.

BTW ( yes we speak text) we are changing our playlist so you no longer have to mute your computer everytime you read our blog :)

yahhhh yuh welcome!


Jourden: "Chloe what are you going to do when we don't live together and I don't sing to you anymore?"
Chloe: "Get a cat."

"I wish Everett had a facebook."

"I feel like my butt is growing exponentially." -obviously not Chloe!

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  1. cats make accidents happen even more. plus they walk on your counter. gross. i recommend fish...