Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm gonna marry a doctor and a lawyer...

Sometimes Chloe gets obsessed with songs and listens to them repeatedly for days. The same song. Over and over and over. And then Jourden gets mad... and then wants to listen to them after Chloe has moved on.

Haha we are super great :)

We have lots of midterms this week and next! Yummy.
Speaking of yummy, tonight we had Asian Appreciation Night for FHE. Waisha made amazing chinese food! We ate a lot....

we always eat a lot.
Last friday we went to Village Inn, and Colton was wearing his dad's jacket from when he was 8. He straight up looked like a homeless person. We were all laughing at him and he started pouting and sat an another table. So Chloe walked by his table and threw a dollar at him. Colton: "I don't get it." Tyson: "They think you look homeless."


"127 people don't want sweaters."

"Stop facebooking me from three feet away!!!"

"How much money do you have to have in your bank account to have an 18 carat diamond?"

"Ya'll have blood, and we need it."

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