Monday, September 13, 2010


What is the terminal velocity of a typical raindrop? Bleh physical science homework!

Jourden has become obsessed with youtube. While reading the scriptures she stopped and turned and said "Is it bad that while I was reading about Laman and Lemuel I kept thinking You are dumb. You are really dumb... ?" If you don't know what she is referring to, don't worry about it. Or look it up cuz it's funny.

So the boys across the way came up with this plan to get all the girls to cook for them by having a bake off competition with prize winners. AND it is ALL ABOUT "Bringing the girls of our dorms closer together to have memorable experiences". Right. And they couldn't beleive it when we were sarcastic about it with them! i guess all the other girls bought it. but probably not they are just nicer than we are or something... relief society presidents....

We don't judge. Well, kinda. Who is nicer than us?????? Guess who has two callings! YEAH! Visiting teaching supervisor. And Sunday school teacher. Hopefully this means double blessings.


Jourden: "It's like going from prime rib to a chicken nugget."

"I just want to take off my clothes!" (Chloe after dancing for an hour and a half, then sitting through another class, then walking home. Sweat fest)

"Can I pay you in biscuits?" -Julian Smith

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