Sunday, September 12, 2010

cheese puffs.

Guys who wear expensive suits and walk like they own the world without shoes on are weird. The end.

youtube videos with super weird girls that are black are super funny.

Calm it down, calm it down, calm it down. CALM IT DOWN.

Weird thing. We walk out of our dorm and Chloe says oh look we match. Jourden says no one will notice. Later two boys ask us for directions, and as they walk away tell us how they like that we match. Even later tara says oh i like how you guys match. Side note: after the two boys made their last comment Chloe turns around grumbling about how we match and amostl falls and almost dies because she trips on the stairs. way funny

Yeah way funny! No... well kinda. Clumsy wumsy. Also we had approximately three dinners today! We had family dinner with William and Daniel and watched the fireside about marriage... Excellent. But kinda strange! And then we had a bbq at Tara's brothers apartment! Holy steak! I think people complain too much about eating in college. I have eaten great!


Jourden: "He is going on a mission... if he doesn't go to jail."

Brad: "I'm going to squirt ketchup in your eye."

Chloe: "Bike fest!!!"

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