Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just some quote-sies.

We slack on blogging. But it just means we are doing our homework. We have lots of stories that we will update Chlourden with soon.

In the meantime... feast on these quotes.

P.S. We love Bobbi! & Josh.


Jourden: "Put on a drinking beer song. I'm in the mood." 

(Disclaimer: Jourd likes weird country beer songs. But not really drinking. We go to BYU.)

Chloe: "I love falling asleep to the smell of chicken."

Colton: "I HATE SATAN!"

Papa Gar: "Don't say things like that, it will end up on Chloe's blog."

"How much cake would Jesus eat?" -American Heritage

(After a slightly inappropriate comment from a RM who has been home for three weeks) Chloe: "I feel like you've been waiting two years to say that."

Jourden: "I think my toast is cold..."
Tara: "That's why you wear socks!"

1 comment:

  1. Chloe: "...snoggin."

    Homework is overrated. Ok, maybe not. But it should be!