Wednesday, October 6, 2010

when it rains.... it POURS!

Hi Mom! We're updating our blog now.... did you miss us?

Okay. First off... Holy rain fest! It has been raining lots and lots!

So, Jourden has this nack for losing her keys. And everything else. It isn't much of a talent. On monday night she decided to go skate boarding and somewhere inbetween setting on it and riding it that way falling off everytime it went fast her keys fell out of her pocket. So She, Chloe, and Chazz spent the night circling those two blocks (ish) and they didn't turn up. after a series of phone calls (every day) and relooking multiple times they have not turned up. SO we will be starting a fund for the fine Jourden has to pay her building to get a new key. (It's only $30.. but hey we are in college!)

Story number two. Monday night Jourd and I are sitting at our desk just doing our homework, or facebook... sometimes they turn into the same thing. Anyways, Jourden suddenly asks "Hey! When does the bookstore close?" in a serious voice. Chloe: "Nine! Why?" Jourden looks distracted for a second... "Well, I really need some chocolate." Hi i'm Chloe and I never turn down chocolate. So we decided to go after FHE and get some. Fun fact: the book store closes at six for FHE. Only at BYU. So we ended up going to the creamery and Jourden got a Snickers and I got dirt in a cup! Yes! My mom made it for mine or Alexander's birthday when I was five probably. I loved it. Chocolate = success.


cup of dirt.


Chloe: "Don't you care about my hips?"


  1. Mom? Your faithful reader feels demoted... But the cup of dirt idea you gave made up for it. Lucky you.