Thursday, September 2, 2010


Welp even though we have lots and lots of homework and studying to do, we are taking a baby size break to drinking orange juice and blog. Blogging break you could say.

First we gotsta shout out to the best girl you will ever meet. aka Camille Anthian aka CAMEL :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!! The three of us have danced together for a very long time, and have always been the best of friendsies. Take a look.

many a dance performance in our day.

most recent :)

SUU is the luckiest duck to have this French babe. Love you camel!!

BYU does not allow Jourd and I to sleep very much. But after only a week we are becoming quite buff from dancing every single day, walking everywhere, and going up and down five flight of stairs to the RB on the daily. These stairs were , in fact, designed to torture BYU students who have recently finished some form of strenuous exercise by forcing them to walk up about ten hundred thousand stairs to get away from the building full of hot dancer babes( aka us) and beautiful athlete boys.

 Today we went grocery shopping and felt like Mom's with our shopping carts. Good practice for in five years. Speaking of marriage, tonight Chloe had an interview with Bishop Bills where he counciled her to be prepared in case she got married and had babies sophomore year... Doubtful! especially since Jourden needs a roommate and will be sensoring all of Chloe's future dates.


Jourden- "I'm never right."
Chloe- "You're right."

Tyson: "I hate it when candy tastes like medicine, but I love it when medicine tastes like candy."

Now back to the anthropology paper. gooood night!


  1. I love that you girls are blogging! Have a blast and remember, no getting married until you have your degree :)

  2. You girls are so cute! Sad that you are gone!