Sunday, September 5, 2010

bed wetter :)

Story of Jourden's life slash old ancient dorms.
Day 1: I walk in and see a weird spot on my pillow. The ceiling is most likely leaking odd liquids. Chloe says Jourd! I didn't know you wet the bed? I said I don't! ( PSHH)
Day 2: I wake up completely saoked and wonder for a second if karma is out to get me because i wet the bed after I told Chloe i didn't. I then remember that at some point in the night i woke up, tried to grab my phone, knocked over a vase of flowers ( that my boyfriend so sweetly brought me :) ) and spilled the entire thing on my bed. In my dozy state i got up put a towel on the bed and went back to sleep, which brings us back to the beginning of the story. Meanwhile Chloe sleeps through the whole thing. She sleeps through everything.

On Friday night we impulsively decided to hike the Y! At midnight. For some reason I (Chloe) thought that it took half an hour to hike up and fifteen to hike down. FALSE BLACK BEAR. Hour and a half up, forty minutes down. It was amazing though. And I would definitely hike it at night again! We got back to our apartment around two... then Jourd wet the bed... ( see above)

Chloe, Jourden, Tara on the way up!

prettiest view :)

ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra gooooo cougars!! We had front row seats for the Washington game! It was incredible! And we were on TV because we are such great fans :)


Jourden: "Does anyone have a flashlight?"
Tara: "I have an umbrella."

"Jourden needs to talk to you. She has a pineapple."

Jourden: "Where are you going?"
Chloe: "To get some orange juice and die."

Chloe: "i'll move my checkbook because i'm a mom."

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  1. Can you move my checkbook? And when you're a mom, you will always have a flashlight, umbrella, pliers, and quite possibly earmuffs - you'll better understand come sophomore year. Love your posts!