Thursday, September 9, 2010

you're not hungry? ....weird.

Story time. So two nights ago one of our roommates, Waisha, who is the secretary in the Relief Society presidency was passing out our visiting teaching assignments! I (Chloe) glanced at mine and noticed that it said please report to Chloe. Wait what? Note: At this point I did not have a calling. Double note: Jourden's calling is co-chair of the sacrament program. Anyways, so I was trying to figure this out I remembered there is another Chloe in our ward. (PS Isn't that weird?? I have only ever met one other Chloe in my life)  Maybe it's her! Nope. It had my phone number by it.

Then Waisha goes Oh shoot! They haven't called you yet! But we had to pass out the cards... Surprise!

Great! VT Coordinator. Nbd.

Just wait... then last night the first counselor in our bishopric came over to officially call me. He asked me how school and work was going and if I was adjusting well and needed anything. I told him I was great! Then he said well, we are going to throw a monkey wrench at you. We would like to call you as a Sunday School teacher. WHAT!

Pray for me. That's all I can say.

Um yes this is what you think it is... A mom pushing her double stroller in the middle of campus.
Nothing like a little exercise with your babies.

Story numero dos.( back to Jourden's calling):
Saturday night: Jourden calls several people trying to figure out who is doing what in sacrament so she can type up the program. when she doesn't get a hold of anyone she leaves messages and hopes she'll figure it out, then proceeds to the football game
Sunday morning: church starts in twenty minutes she still has soaking wet hair, hasn't decided what to wear yet, and still hasn't typed up the program. Someone from the ward gets a hold of her and tells her that she should come over to the church to see how to set it up. someone knocks on the door and tells her the hymns, she puts her hair in a bun, grabs her shoes and high tails it out of the building and as she sprints bare foot to the church people give her the weirdest looks. finally she gets there are prints out the program which has problems but the damage is minimal.
later: in sunday school a member of the bishopric gets up and says that he would advise not to stay up too late on saturday nights adn that by looking at us it was easy to see who hadn't gotten enough sleep and had gotten up late. yeah.  and I ( jourden) sit there, no make up, hair in a mess.... and just sit there, thinking mega happy thoughts. that's all i have to say.

Also, I (Jourden once again) broke the world record for miles driven in a weekend. over the weekend i drove almost three hunudred miles! I went to heber twice and back and forth between provo and herriman mulitple times

Final story. At the football game last Saturday, Tara and Chloe got there early and were sitting on the front row just being cute. The ROTC guys and the canon they shoot off anytime BYU scores was directly in front of us. PS Mom, Garrett was there. Anyways, one of the officers comes over to Chloe and Tara and asks us if we wanted to shoot the canon! We said of course! He asked us for our numbers and names and said he would call us when it was our turn to come down. Long story short, a bunch of people called in favors so they were ahead of us on the list and we didn't get to shoot the canon. Then right before the game ended, Patrick (ROTC officer who looks super old) told us he would call us to come shoot the canon at the next game.

Three hours later... Chloe gets a call from a number she doesn't recognize. Then Chloe and Tara both get a text saying Hey this is Patrick, you guys are on the list for the next game to shoot the canon. Then I meant to save his name in my phone as Patrick ROTC, but instead I sent him a text that said Patrick ROTC. Shoot. It started a conversation. He texted back and said hey you sent me a text that said Patrick rotc? Is that a question? And I said sorry! I meant to save that in my phone. He then said is this Chloe, the cute girl sitting in the front row with curly blonde hair. Uhhh and I just texted back and said yep I have curly blonde hair. He said I hope I didn't make you blush with the cute comment! End of conversation.

Then today... He calls me during class and leaves me a message asking me to call him. I call him back after class... he asked me on a date for tonight. WHOA! Alas, we are going to the temple as a FHE group. Creeps mcgeeps.


Jourden: " hey you should just come to my house and stay the night we can have a sleepover!"
Chloe looks at jourden like she just crawled out from under a rock
Jourden "oh yeah that's like every night...."

Boy on bike rides by...
Jourden: "Hey Dallas!"
Boy ignores Jourden.
Jourden: "Wait, that's where he's from, not his name..."
Chloe: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Random girl on the phone walking by Chloe "I didn't have any friends when I was pregnant. Tell her she can call me if she has any questions about being pregnant."


  1. Memo to Chloe: If you don't stay away from "super old" ROTC guys, that will be you pushing the double stroller through campus!

    Congrats to you both on your new callings!

  2. MOM!!! Even my own mother is making BYU jokes. Sorry, you are not getting a son in law for a long time!

  3. Temple on the first date. I think I need to do a background check on this boy!

  4. Haha no Bobbi, I didn't go on the date with him because I was going to the temple with my roommates. I reread the post and realized it sounded like I went to the temple with him... NO :)